Fendi has spent 8 years giving birth for othersSerial

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Fendi has spent 8 years giving birth for othersSerial1

surrogate who admits she's addicted to being pregnant gives away a FIFTH baby as she retires at the age of 50Didi Perry, 50, from Dallas gave birth to her first surrogate child more than a decade after she stopped having her own childrenHer most recent surrogate birth was delivered months before her 50th birthdayShe says being pregnant makes her feel 'healthy' and the pay is an added bonusDidi has now retired from surrogacy but her 2 year old daughter, Shayna, is hoping to carry on the mantle and help other families deliverByA mother of three has revealed how she's spent the last eight years as a 'serial surrogate' giving birth to five babies for families struggling to conceive.Didi Perry, 50, of Dallas, Fendi boots, decided to look into surrogacy 16 years after the birth of her last child because she wanted to help those who couldn't become mothers as easily.While it's rare for surrogate mothers to offer their services after the age of 40, Didi continued to give birth until her last surrogate child was born just months before her 50th birthday.She says she's never struggled to hand over the newborns after delivering them because ' they were never my babies to begin with'.Scroll down for videoDidi acted asa gestational surrogate each time, so the intended mother's eggs were transferred into her uterus through IVF. Her advancing age didn't hinder the implantation and all of the pregnancies went smoothly.While helping others is her main reason for spending eight years mostly pregnant, Didi admits that she enjoyed being pregnant because it made her feel healthy and she's a huge fan of wriggly babies.Following the life changing experience in 2009 when she made the decision to become a surrogate, Didi went on to have two babies each for another two couples.While some surrogates are drawn by the lure of money, Fendi has spent 8 years giving birth for othersSerial maintains her main goal was giving families the gift of a child and saw the pay as an added bonus.It's difficult to come up with the words to describe how I felt when I saw the intended parents holding their baby. It was momentous, incredible.Didi PerryThe serial surrogate gave birth to the last baby five months before her 50th birthday, when she decided it was time for her journey to come to an end.Didi, Shopping Fendi With Wholesale Price: http://search.yupoo.org/index.php?keyword=Fendi+shoes Tags: #yupoo fendi #yupoo #red bottoms sneakers #yupoo shoes #yupoo aliexpress #aliexpress france #aliexpress #yupoo soccer #fendi belt aliexpress #soccer shoes yupoo